Stanza By Example

Stanza By Example is an introductory step-by-step book for learning the Stanza programming language.


"Stop Designing Languages. Write Libraries Instead." - My rebuttal to a common opinion I hear about new programming languages and language research.

The Design of Stanza's Optional Type System - An article detailing the motivation and mechanics behind the design of Stanza's optional type system, and our experiences with using and teaching the system.


Tetris - This is a tutorial teaching users to use LoStanza to interface with the QT GUI library to write a simple clone of the famous Tetris game. An offline version of this tutorial can be found here.

Stanza Thesis

"Design and Implementation of an Optionally-Typed Functional Programming Language" - The Ph.D. thesis that documents the design rationale and implementation of Stanza.

Stanza Reference

An offline version of the Stanza reference pages has been compiled here.